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At IT Pros Management, we work to streamline your business operations. We provide ongoing IT support to ensure your business is always functioning optimally. If ever there is a need for immediate assistance, we are always on standby.

We stay up to date with the latest technologies to provide the best solutions for our clients. From managed IT services to cybersecurity services, we can take care of all your IT needs.

Get in touch with us for the best IT support in Long Beach today.

Our Services

Managed IT Services

Outsource your IT to us and we can provide constant monitoring, managed IT support and continual maintenance to your devices, servers, and network.

Business Continuity

Don’t let IT problems cause your business to lose out. Work with us to have the right tools and processes in place to minimize the effects of a technical emergency.


Set up remote calling with VoIP so your team can work seamlessly while in the office or on the road to make doing business easy.

Cloud Services

Use a company cloud so employees can store and access important documents securely from any device and any location.

Security Services

Take the right preventive measures to keep your network, servers, and devices safe from malicious malware, viruses, and ransomware.

Our Process

Step 1: Get In Touch

Contact us to schedule an initial consultation to receive a free quote for our IT services based on your Long Beach business’s specific needs.

Step 2: On-Boarding

Once you decide to move forward with us, we will perform a detailed assessment of your IT environment, get familiar with your staff and business model, install our management tools, and start optimizing your IT. This step may take 30-90 days.

Step 3: Training & Ongoing Support

Once you are set up, we provide training for all employees to make the transition seamless. We also check in regularly with our clients and provide them detailed reports on their business’s IT. If any issues come up, we also have a help desk available 24/7.


Our fixed rate services start at the following (depending on the complexity of your network):

  • $45 per device (Windows or Macs)
  • $75 per user
  • $12 per mobile device
  • $499 per location
  • $399 per server
  • $399 email support
  • $99 network printers and multi-function copiers
  • $399 backup

Our monthly flat rates are all-inclusive. We do not have any additional surprise chargers so you know what to expect each month.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We help empower your employees to focus on growing your business rather than getting bogged down by IT issues. Our expert IT consultants have your back. Our work is not complete until you are more than satisfied with our IT management and network support services.

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