vCSO Services for Burbank, Los Angeles, Glendale Businesses




Why You Need A Virtual Chief Security Officer, or vCSO

Our Virtual Chief Security Officer (vCSO) solution will help your business make security decisions, understand security threats, and optimize security processes. With our vCSO solution, you will retain a board-level resource who can virtually sit inside your company and manage your security strategy, budget, review of risks and regulatory programs.

Get The Benefit Of Highly-Specialized Security Talent For A Fraction Of The Cost Of A Full-Time Staff Member

Threat Intelligence

Provides context for decisions being made within the cybersecurity program.

Risk Analysis

Prioritizes items for completion within the organization—provides a trustworthy place to start.

Security Accountability

Creates oversight for the organization’s security —the Executive team knows it is being proactively managed.

Board-level Discussion

Communicate business security risk and outcomes to the board, now that it is a board-level expectation.

IT Meets IS

Someone on the team focused on making sure it gets done in a secure matter – not just done.

Scope of Cybersecurity Activity:

Threat Modeling • Risk Management • 3rd Party Pen Testing • Regulatory Compliance • System Patching • Security Architecture • Data Protection

Discover How

Schedule a technology strategy session

Get onboarded

Have a co-managed, trusted IT service and solutions

With Our vCSO Solution, We Will Not Be Sitting On The Sidelines.

Our goal is to be constantly and consistently delivering you results.

Below we will outline the ongoing items that we will be providing as a part of this solution.


  • IT Status Meeting (Optional)


  • IT Performance Analysis
  • IT Security Meeting
  • Simulated phishing exercises*
  • Back-up Review


  • User Privilege Review
  • Executive Leadership Meeting
  • IT Security Training
  • Vulnerability Scan/Security Analysis


  • Board Update Meeting


  • Physical Inventory Review
  • Third-Party Penetration Testing
  • Policy Review
  • Procedure Review
  • Vendor Review
  • Risk Assessment
  • PCI Self-Assessment
  • Tabletop Exercise
  • Inventory Data Assets

As Needed

  • Site Visits
  • Threat Intelligence Emails
  • Audit Representation
  • Security Deliverables